National Academy of Art Sofia, MA Photography: Gorica Nikolova’s Big Bang

My work with the series started from the theory of the Big Bang – about how the universe was created after a catastrophic explosion 15 billion years ago. Space and time began its existence from that point on. The intensity of that explosion maintains the expanse of the universe.

The Big Bang created life in the universe and to us, through complex chemical and physic processes of great beauty. The division of a brain cell is a copy of it in a smaller version. A brain cell has a similar visual structure of the universe. The birth of a cell and the death of a star look alike.

I would like to show how this explosion exists all around us, as well as inside of us. That we can also create life, to create new things. How we can create such beautiful images and complex chemical processes. The Big Bang is part of us, as well as being everywhere around us at every moment. We just have to see it to appreciate its beauty.

I have created it as I see it.