Reflections (2015), photo series of Yoana Emilova Angelova

The word reflections can offer more than just one meaning. This is the term we use to describe an image on a smooth, mirror-like surface; at other times that same term is an influence or a consequence; it could mean recreation. I interpret the reflection as an independent reality which is not at all defined by the objects it reflects.

It is a well-known fact that human life is directly connected to the qualities of the water. This is why I chose to work in the area of macro photography and in particular with water textures. While developing my abstract objects, I photographed them which in a later stage would help to produce images similar to the multi-colored kaleidoscopic models of reflected mirrors.

If we position this abundance of color in a cylinder towards the light, one would be astound by the beauty of the shapes that could be seen. They are in fact mirrored images of richly colored objects. It is real and surreal at the same time.